One goal when starting 73 Social Rags was to make things as simple and easy as possible on you which is why we offer same day delivery. Whether you need it for that night, or the next day - we're making sure you get your order within 24 hours! So, how does that work? 

When you go to purchase your item, simply select "Local Delivery" and type in the neccessary information! Please note that if you live in a complex or neighborhood where there are gate codes needed then you will need to share those as well. 

Shopping super last minute and needing it in a few short hours? No worries! Just send us a message on Instagram so we can check that we get a delivery person over to you in time! 


Zip Code Requirements:

38117 || 38111 || 38119 || 38103 || 38138 

Please Note: We hope to add more areas in the future, but as for now, we are limited.

Written by Izabella Sandoval

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