Although there are so many things that lead to the creation of 73 Social Rags, one thing that really influenced the inspiration of the brand was individuality. Some people know their style and what they like versus don't, but what about the people who change their look every month. Sometimes discovering your style can be hard especially when the trends may not be what you like.


The good news is that one thing about fashion now is that you have the freedom to express your style in anyway you want. Style has taken on a whole new meaning and I wanted to contribute to that idea in the best way I knew possible: Vintage. You know when ask someone about where they purchased an item and they simply say “Oh, it’s vintage!” Well, you know right then and there that the likelihood of you finding that exact item is slim to none. When you shop preloved and vintage clothing, you’re allowing yourself to stand out. 


Instead of feeding into all the trends, start shopping one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces that fit your style. Vintage and preloved clothing gives you the opportunity to shop a variety of styles and pieces no matter what trend is happening at the moment.

Written by Izabella Sandoval

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